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Shout4Masks FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Shout4Masks? 

A new public service initiative by Shout SA and SMD Technologies to address the dire shortage of safe, quality, protective gear for the Covid-19 virus by helping raise money to buy masks directly from factories to avoid profiteering middle men in order to urgently get them to healthcarers, patients and vulnerable communities. Shout SA is a registered PBO (93002406) and NPO (078-575)

2. What type of masks are we sourcing? 

Two types of masks:

  1. Specialist Masks (FFP2/N95/KN95)
    These are for doctors and healthcare workers. Filters 95% of airborne particles thereby protecting against airborne viruses. These can be used for 72 hours.
  2. Surgical Mask 
    These are for patients and vulnerable communities. A 3ply mask which also helps prevent spreading airborne viruses.  Will be given to patients as they walk into hospitals should they not already have a mask of their own. These masks can be used for 4 hours.

All masks are CE approved and are purchased from medically approved factories.

3. How do we get masks for so cheap? 

The operation will utilize the distribution channels laid by SMD Technologies, a distribution company who specialize in sourcing and logistics.  SMD works with over 200 factories and have perfected their approach to risk mitigation and quality control. SMD already imports large quantities of masks and will leverage the relationships they have with their suppliers to get the best pricing from each factory. SMD Technologies are able to bypass any profiteering middlemen and  will land them at cost price.

This is the most cost-effective way to get to get stock direct  As money is raised, SMD will order on a weekly basis, provided that MOQ requirements per order are met.

SMD will handle all the logistics and transport and will be providing their services free of charge, there will be absolutely no mark-ups charged and no profit.  In addition, the people that are involved will be donating their time to this cause.

4. Who will receive the masks? 

This will be  coordinated , facilitated and monitored in conjunction with the National Department of Health on the simple and urgent basis of administering masks to those hospitals, health workers, patients or communities most in need.

5. Can I get a Section 18A tax certificate for my donation? 

YES. As SMD are partnering with Shout SA,  donors will pay Shout SA and will be eligible for a Section 18A certificate, which will allow individuals and corporations to deduct their donations for tax purposes. Please email to receive your donation certificate. 

Shout SA is a registered PBO (93002406) and NPO (078-575)

6. Can I give a direct donation via EFT? 

Most definitely. The easiest is for you to use OZOW I-Pay to do an automated EFT by clicking here. Or if you prefer to do an EFT manually, our bank details are: 

Name: Shout Foundation
Bank: Nedbank
Account: Savings
Branch Code: 198765
Account number: 9021 678 298.
Reference: Your full name

7. More questions?  

Please email us directly on and give us a SHOUT. Thank you for your support and interest.